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Nobody else owns chocolate the way Hershey, Pa. does. It is a charming town, where Chocolate Avenue, the main street, is lit by HERSHEY'S KISSES streetlights. There is a magical trolley tour, amusement park, garden, zoo, history museum, and historic theatre - and if you’re lucky, you might catch the delicious smell of chocolate from the factory wafting across town.

The coolest part? It’s all tied to founder Milton S. Hershey, who envisioned the town as an ideal place to work, live, and play for his factory employees. As you explore, you’ll find this is, in fact, still true today!

The amazing legacy our town shares can actually be the very source of confusion for our guests, particularly when it comes to HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD Attraction and our amusement park neighbor, HERSHEYPARK.

So, allow us to answer a few questions to help you navigate your visit to both!

What’s the difference?

Many guests may not realize that we're separate companies. Chocolate World is owned by The Hershey Company, and HERSHEYPARK is owned by Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. BUT - both companies are committed to providing an amazing experience for visitors to Hershey!

Home to all things HERSHEY’S Chocolate, Chocolate World is known for its FREE chocolate making tour, chocolate-tasting experience, Create Your Own Candy Bar factory attraction, HERSHEY’S Largest Candy Store, iconic sweet treats and more. Just next door, HERSHEYPARK is a 121-acre amusement park featuring more than 70 rides and attractions (including 15 coasters and an expansive water park), plus a variety of eateries, shopping, and ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park.

How do I handle tickets and what do they cover?

Tickets for Chocolate World and HERSHEYPARK must be handled separately; they do not include each other’s admission or attractions. Admission to Chocolate World is free. However, if you choose to experience our four paid attractions, tickets are required. We strongly recommend reserving tickets in advance online!

HERSHEYPARK tickets include admission to the Boardwalk and ZooAmerica, but hours vary. Guests are encouraged to buy online for the best offer.

What’s the best way to plan my day to fit in both?

If you want to experience our popular free HERSHEY’S Chocolate Tour ride, we recommend visiting during the first and last two hours of the day (check hours here). Interested in our HERSHEY’S chocolate-filled attractions, including the new HERSHEY'S Great Candy Expedition? Remember to reserve in advance, because they’ll likely be sold out if you drop in hoping to experience them. Candy shopping lines tend to be longer after HERSHEYPARK closes, so consider stopping in earlier and keeping your goodies from melting with our insulated bags and ice packs! And if you splurged a little too much, no worries. With our Bag Check service, we’ll hold your Chocolate World purchases until you depart.

What about parking?

From Park Boulevard, follow signs to veer left toward Chocolate World or right toward HERSHEYPARK. Please note the lots are separate and not connected. If you plan to visit both, park in HERSHEYPARK lots (fee charged). Due to our close proximity, there will be no need to move your car! Parking for Chocolate World only is free for short-term visits or all day for guests who purchase our Adventure 1 attraction bundle.

What else is there to do around town?

Your family will learn about the rich story of Hershey – and have fun too! – by visiting Hershey Gardens and The Hershey Story Museum. And that trolley you’ve seen driving around town? The entertaining theatrical show-on-wheels departs from Chocolate World, but be sure to get your tickets in advance! And if you’re looking to stroll the downtown, check out a few ideas for things to do along Chocolate Avenue!