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We get it – when planning a trip to HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD Attraction, you’re likely to become pretty focused on world-famous milkshakes, five-pound HERSHEY'S Milk Chocolate bars and sweet-scented candles.

But with our attractions, bakery, food court and goodies galore, there’s so much to consider! Where to start? Allow us to fill in the blanks and offer some valuable tips to make your experience a memorable one.

Family at front desk

1. Do It All & Save Big with Adventure Bundles

So you want to experience the new HERSHEY'S Great Candy Expedition, Create Your Own Candy Bar, check out HERSHEY'S Unwrapped AND ride Hershey Trolley Works? No problem! We can create an itinerary for you that includes all our attractions (or just a few) with a variety of bundles that offer big savings. While you can get them in-store, we highly recommend booking online in advance.

2. Purchase Your Tickets in Advance Online

Booking early on our website is far and away your best bet to guarantee your spot, as day-of availability is very limited – and often unavailable (especially during busy summer weekends and holidays.) The bonus? You’ll get the best choice of times AND deeper discounts!

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Kid holding Reese's Cup

3. Don't Plan to Book a Ticketed Attraction?

There are still experiences you may be able to partake in the day of your visit! Check out REESE'S Stuff Your Cup or one of our other DIY dessert creations, most of which do not require advance reservations. The same is the case with many of our FREE activities, like our jungle oasis and character meet-and-greets. Preview the event calendar to see what may be happening when you drop in!

4. Plan Ahead for the HERSHEY'S Chocolate Tour

Our FREE tour ride, which requires no ticket and runs continuously throughout operating hours, is one you won’t want to miss! However, it can get quite busy, especially during the summer months, so plan to ride when the wait times are shortest - during the first and last two hours of the day.

Chocolate World Tour
Parking attendant at booth

5. Get FREE All-Day Parking with Adventure Bundles

Complimentary parking for the full day is offered to all who purchase any of our Adventure Bundles. Simply present your ticket at the parking booth, and we’ll be happy to help. All parking details.

6. Save on Lunch or Dinner

You’ll need energy to experience all this chocolate-y fun! When you purchase a Meal Deal with an Adventure Bundle online in advance of your visit, you’ll save up to $3 per meal.

Keep Your Chocolate Cool - insulated bag

7. Let Us Help You Keep Your Candy Cool

Keep your goodies from melting with our insulated bags. Pro tip: if you need ice packs, ask about them at check-out, too! And if you splurged a little too much, no worries. With our Bag Check service, we’ll hold your HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD purchases until you depart. Ask for details at our retail registers.

Can’t wait to see you. We’ll be waiting….with chocolate!



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