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A HERSHEY’S Bar weighing in at an impressive five pounds. Ten levers on the Amazing Candy Machine to mix and match to your heart’s content. Unique treasures like HERSHEY’S GOLDEN ALMOND Bars. And an entire wall of HERSHEY’S KISSES Candies flavors - the beloved icon that’s been manufactured here in Hershey, Pa. for more than 100 years.

These…and oh-so-many more…are the items that make HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD Attraction THE place to treat yourself and find the perfect gifts for friends and family. Sure, you can get HERSHEY’S at your local grocery or convenience store. And we know, we’re a little biased. But where else can you choose from more than 500 different candies spanning more than 40 different brands?

Nowhere else. That’s what makes us the World’s Largest HERSHEY’S Store…where there are rows upon rows of the latest KIT KAT Bar flavors, TWIZZLERS Twists in a rainbow of colors, and every flavor of ICE BREAKER Mints you could imagine. JOLLY RANCHER Candies in hard, gummy, sour, sucker. A huge seasonal display to help you fill your baskets, your pumpkins, your stockings. Cookie fan? There’s a baking chip flavor for that…or maybe 10. And don’t even get us started on the entire section dedicated to ALL THINGS REESE’S.

In fact, most items that Hershey makes can be found in our displays, including hard-to-find favorites:

  • Our World’s Largest collection
  • Direct From the Factory collection
  • HERSHEY’S GOLDEN ALMOND Bars, Chocolate-Covered Almonds, and SPECIAL DARK with Almonds
  • HERSHEY’S KISSES Flavors of the World
  • HERSHEY’S Ice Cream Shoppe Bars
  • HERSHEY-ETS Candies

True fans of HERSHEY’S do much more than eat it, which is why we’ve got so many exclusive souvenirs, too. Oversized HERSHEY’S Syrup coin bank? Check. Chocolate candles? Check, check. Bins of soft teddy bears, stuffed cows, and plush s’mores ingredients (yes, really). Apparel in every style from hoodie and quarter-zip to boxer, sock and onesie. Need a gift? We’ve got jewelry for Mother’s Day, collector’s ornaments for your tree, and personalized candy greetings for any old time. And let’s be real - no one ever needs a reason for HERSHEY’S Candyland.

It’s the experience, though, that really sets us apart. Where else can you shop for HERSHEY’S treats, then hop on a tour ride to learn how it’s made (and try a free sample at the end?) Where else can you enjoy milkshakes and cupcakes inspired by the candy in your cart?

Nowhere else. We love that we get to immerse you in our love of chocolate while you’re here. And don’t worry - that whole “don’t go shopping when you’re hungry” bit? Shhhh…it doesn’t apply here. 😉



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