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We’re so glad guests love our HERSHEY’S Chocolate Tour. We get it…we adore it too! But did you know our family fun doesn’t stop there? We have FOUR other attractions that provide entertainment for all ages, and offer some chocolate-y education too…

Chocolate Pouring

Create Your Own Candy Bar

Yes – literally! You get to choose the ingredients and watch your own bar being produced in an authentic factory setting. Then, design your own wrapper, which we’ll place around a classic HERSHEY’S tin. Tucked inside? Your custom chocolate bar…but oh-so-many sweet memories too. Learn more.

HERSHEY'S Unwrapped

Who knew that tasting HERSHEY’S Chocolate could be so educational and entertaining, all at once? Our own Doc Chocolate invites you into a theatrical experience and offers you a spread of treats, teaching you about everything from bean to bar and filling your whole family with laughter, too! Learn more.

Show in progress
HERSHEY'S Great Candy Expedition

HERSHEY'S Great Candy Expedition

What if you could fly around in HERSHEY'S KISSES hot air balloons and there really were swirlpools made of REESE'S Peanut Butter? All aboard a train-themed adventure to the candy worlds you've only dreamt about! In the station, learn all about the lands, and then help vote for the three you'll visit in our immersive theatre. Alongside engineer Ginny and her cast of friends, you'll feel right inside the adventure, surrounded by epic screens and dazzling special effects. Learn more.

Hershey Trolley Works Show

All aboard an old-fashioned trolley with our entertaining conductors to explore the town built on chocolate! Uh oh – watch out for the hilarious crew of characters they pick up along the way as they bring the inspiring story of Milton Hershey to life! Choose from a year-round in-depth historical show or several unique seasonal variations. Learn more.

Chocolate World Trolley

Reserving Your Fun

We don’t want you miss out…be sure to book online in advance (and get a bigger savings by combining the attractions with Adventure Bundles!) If you wait until you arrive, tickets are likely to be sold out, especially if you’re visiting on busy weekends or holiday periods.



Adventures in Chocolate

Join us on more Adventures in Chocolate!

HERSHEY'S Unwrapped Tin

Sure can! We'll build you an itinerary when you book our Adventure Bundles.


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