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Video of making of Hershey's milkshakes

Milkshakes & Ice Cream

From HERSHEY'S Chocolate shakes to ice cream sundaes, a frozen dessert is the cherry on top your day of fun! Explore our menu and find the perfect treat for you.

HERSHEY'S Popping Candy, KIT KAT Pink Lemonade & S'mores Milkshakes
Summer Milkshake Specials

Our seasonal specials are often inspired by the latest candy flavors, and these fresh new shakes are no exception! HERSHEY'S Popping Candy and KIT KAT® Pink Lemonade - combined with HERSHEY'S S'mores - are the perfect summer trio. Limited time only.

Allergen Information

We offer alternative menu items for guests with allergies and are more than happy to accommodate dietary sensitivities whenever possible.