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Ahh, Candy Land. The nostalgic family favorite we all know well. Two purple squares are better than one; hope for the peanut brittle to launch you forward on the colorful path to victory.

BUT picture this - what if your little gingerbread man was a smiley HERSHEY’S chocolate s’mores character? And wouldn’t it be sweet to cross a JOLLY RANCHER candy bridge and hop along REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups? Suddenly careening back to the beginning doesn’t seem so bad when it’s because you drew TWIZZLERS Bites. 😉

That’s right – we’ve put a unique HERSHEY’S twist on the classic board game, and this award-winning version is available exclusively at HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD Attraction.

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Kids Playing Hershey's Candy Land Board Game

Not a family of Candy Land fans? No worries! We’ve got you covered with a variety of other toys and sweet fun for all ages.

Monopoly Jr.

We've also introduced a sweet new collector's edition of this classic game. What's more fun than buying a REESE'S skate park or TWIZZLERS roller coaster? 

Bean to Bar Book

We like to think this is the sweetest children's storybook around! Kiddos will love learning how HERSHEY'S Chocolate is made with the help of their favorite characters.


Just 271 pieces stand between you and your own REESE’S dump truck! Don’t want to build your own? Choose the pre-assembled classic collectibles inspired by our most popular brands.

Plush Friends

Our huggable stuffed toys run the gamut from favorite HERSHEY’S characters to squishy, smiley milkshakes. And then there are the really creative ones – who wouldn’t love to snuggle with a JOLLY RANCHER watermelon or a marshmallow named “Smooshie?” (Yes, there’s also a fuzzy graham cracker and HERSHEY’S Bar to round out the trio.)


We know – they’re hardly toys, but when fashioned out of HERSHEY’S candies, they come close! You won’t be able to help smiling when you catch a glimpse of your feet all cozy in your favorite flavors.

Don’t forget Fido!

Fur babies deserve mementos from your trip, too! So go ahead, be a good PAWrent and grab your pup one of our dog toys. And be sure to tag us when you post the fun photos!