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Almond Joy and Mounds Cove


Feel the Breeze in the Almond Trees

Welcome to ALMOND JOY & MOUNDS Cove, a tropical island paradise home to hundreds of coconut and almond trees. It’s the perfect destination for a delicious treat!

Almond Joy & Mounds Factory
An Island of Natural Wonders

An Island of Natural Wonders

“The natural wonders of the Cove — like chocolate waterfalls and coconut shaving beaches —help make our treats taste like a tropical paradise. Life’s a breeze under the coconut and almond trees!”

-Kaia, Sourcing Specialist in ALMOND JOY & MOUNDS Cove

Fascinating Facts about ALMOND JOY & MOUNDS Candy

Check out some stats and history about the treats you enjoy in your world!

Almond Joy Candies

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