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Update: we've named a Chocolate-y Champion! After a few nail-biters and a whole lot of votes for your HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE WORLD favorites, our beloved free HERSHEY'S Chocolate Tour ride rose to the top. Thank you for joining our tournament fun!

It’s that time of year…when we all get in March’s competitive spirit. Eagerly fill in our brackets, pit them against family and friends. Cheer on the top seeds. Root for the underdogs.

This year, in celebration of our 50th anniversary, we’re joining in the fun and creating our own tournament of HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD guest favorites! Our bracket starts with Round 1 on March 23 and 24. Check out Instagram and Facebook Stories to vote for your favorite in each match. Winners will advance to the next rounds: Round 2 on March 25 and 26, Round 3 on April 1 and The Chocolate-y Championship on April 3.

May the sweetest tradition…or attraction…or dessert win!

The Contenders

Photos with HERSHEY’S Characters vs HERSHEY’S Unwrapped

It’s a time-old tradition: creating memories with Hershey, Reese and Miss Kiss! How will they stack up against the interactive, zany theater show exploring the art of chocolate-tasting?

Tournament of Chocolate Adventure Competitors

World-Famous Milkshakes vs Chocolate & Wine Pairing Experience

We’re pitting two decadent beverages against each other in this round! It’s no secret that our milkshakes are a must-taste in most guests’ eyes. But then again, pairing chocolate with wine is a winner too (21+). Will you grab a straw or a glass?

Tournament of Chocolate Adventure Competitors
Tournament of Chocolate Adventure Competitors

HERSHEY’S Mega Cookies vs HERSHEY’S Double Chocolate S’mores

How will you begin to choose between these two over-the-top desserts? The Bakery favorite and s'mooshable sweet are both large enough to share, with seasonal flavors often inspired by new candies. We’re excited to watch this one unfold.

Hershey Trolley Works vs Breakfast with Santa

Two more Hershey classics: the ride through town packed with stories, songs and chocolates OR the festive annual tradition hosted by none other than St. Nick and the HERSHEY’S Characters.

Tournament of Chocolate Adventure Competitors
Tournament of Chocolate Adventure Competitors

World’s Largest HERSHEY’S Chocolate Bars vs Candy-Inspired Plush Toys

Two top picks in our World’s Largest HERSHEY’S Store: the absolute biggest sizes of your favorite candies and the snuggly versions of milkshakes, s’mores and JOLLY RANCHER candies! Will you choose the one you can eat or the one you can hug?

REESE’S Stuff Your Cup vs HERSHEY’S Holiday Chocolate House

It’s a newer experience versus an old tradition, but we have to say – both make one amazing creation out of candy! One blends fresh cup butter and mix-ins into a one-pound REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup, and the other stacks 40,000+ sweet bricks and shingles into a festive masterpiece. This is a tough one…

Tournament of Chocolate Adventure Competitors
Adventures in Chocolate

Join us on more Adventures in Chocolate!

HERSHEY'S Characters

We're bursting with excitement for our new attraction, 50th events and sweets, plus a new twist on your favorite old song!


We know our tournament doesn't cover them all! Can't wait to hear your best moments from the past 50 years.